Toneman does repairs, modifications, general maintenance and restorations to tube amplifiers (Vox-Marshall-Fender), guitars and effects pedals.
With over 25 years of hands on experience as well as being a professional musician, Toneman knows not only how your equipment should sound, but how and why it works !

I started working on guitars and amps in 1973 at the old Acoustic Control Amp Company. Then I went to West L.A. Music's Service Dept. And in 1975, I moved to Texas and worked for a couple of different stores partime doing repairs and playing in various bands at the same time until touring became a fulltime commitment with our new record contract with MCA. In January 1987 I moved back to LA and worked for Soundcraft(mixing consoles) until late 1988 when I went to SWR Engineering(at that time a very small company building bass amps). I was at SWR for nine years and was the Head Production Tech & Customer Service Manager, but really did a little of everything while I was there. I left to do this and haven't looked back.

Toneman is open 10 am to 6 pm (Pacific Time), Tuesday thru Saturday!
Office: 661-259-4544