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Acoustic Premium Phosphor Bronze 6 String Set (List $17) Acoustic Premium Phosphor Bronze 12 String Set (List $24)
string gauges
string gauges
Pyramid Premium Phosphor Bronze 6 and 12 String Acoustic Gutiar Strings offer a bright, open and stringy sound with a very long string life. Pyramid's phosphor bronze line is hand wound to ensure acoustic strings of the highest quality, guaranteed to always be fresh out of the box.
Round Core Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings (List $22)  
string gauges
PYRAMID Acoustic Bronze Round Core Strings are super musical strings. They feature a "Round Core" construction instead of the commonly used
"hexagonal core" construction found in today's strings.This return to the manufacturing process of the Fifties & Sixties results in strings which
offer unbelievable tone and sustain.