Specializing in Vintage tube (Valve) amps such as Vox, Marshall, Fender, Selmer, WEM, HiWatt, etc. I can restore your original tone and performance. From simple re-tubing and bias adjustment or installing new filter caps to total electronic restorations and de-modding hotrodded vintage amps, I can take care of your needs.

This is a partial list of services to amps available:

They are too much of a pain in the Ass to work on and many parts are now obsolete making repairs difficult to do. As well JMI T-60's are nearly impossible to fix now because of the lack of decent replacement transistors

2. Re-cap:
Filter caps need to be replaced at least every 10 years to ensure proper tone and performance. Old dried out filters can cause hums, double notes & poor bottom end response just for starters.

3. Restorations:

Have an old amp that just doesn't sound like it use to or find that old amp you always dreamed about having? I can restore it to it's original glory.

4. Reissue Amp Upgrades:
Wonder why your reissue Vox, Marshall or Fender doesn't sound like an old one? The manufactures don't use the same quality parts, filter cap values or Transformers as the originals used. The originals used carbon composition resistors, Mylar or polyester tone & coupling caps, lower value filtering cans and hand made! hand wound transformers. By replacing these components with original types (or as close to it as I can) your new amp can sing like the old ones do without paying the ever increasing high prices that can make you use your first born as collateral for financing the purchase of an original one. I can turn your reissue into an amp that will give you the sound, feel and touch response of the old ones.

Basic Starting Prices for Reissue Amp Mods:
AC-15: Replace signal path components, reduce filtering, replace output tranny with Mercury Axiom clone and add a Mercury Axiom choke. Convert rectifier to accommodate GZ-34 as well as the stock 5Y3, AC-15TB, HW $420.00, CC & C1: $400.00
AC-30: Replace signal path components, reduce filtering to original JMI specs, replace output tranny with Mercury Magnetics Axiom and replace choke with Mercury/Axiom. This also includeds the AC-30TB, HW, CC & C1series $445.00
Marshall reissues:
All models( JTM-45, 1987, 1959SLP & 1962 combo) Replace all signal path components, reduce filtering to "plexi specs" replace output tranny & choke w / Mercury output tranny and choke.

Basic prices-Valves (tubes) not included-extra charge.

Available point to point board for re-issue Marshalls installed extra $150.00 on top of normal price of mod.
(takes time to build these boards...)
JTM-45, 1987 & 1962 "Bluesbreaker" Combo- $425.00 1959 100 watt: $545.00
*other Marshall's that would benefit from some signal path components, new filters, tranny's and choke include all '70's metal panels & JCM800's.
Other amps that benefit from up-grade mods: Fender Reissues and the Hot Rod Series.
Prices vary on different models, so please call for price quote.

Fender Re-Issue Amps: Call for pricing!

Now using SOZO capacitors for all re-issue mods. For more info click here.
FRED?s: What's a FRED? Fred stands for Fast Recovery Epitiaxil Diode. What's it do?... Replaces your cheap silicon diodes in your solid state rectified amp. WHY? Silicon diodes make your amp sound harsh and brittle because they are faster in response than a tube rectifier. By replacing the diodes with FRED?s your amp will have a smoother/sweeter top end, more detailed tone definition and be more touch responsive. FRED?s are much faster than the silly little 1N4007?s diodes that most amp manufactures use. Why don't they use FRED?s? Easy answer here folks; Silicon diodes in bulk run about .05 cents each. The FRED?s are $7.00 each and this is more than they want to pay for a part to build and amp & Cuts into their profit margin!
Final Comment on FRED?s: Every amp I've put these into has had positive results in the way they sound. I've put them in everything from old Marshall's to Fisher tube stereo's and some solid state Vox amps.
I use Mercury Magnetics Axiom line of hand made! hand wound replacement tranny?s. They make the finest recreations of power, output & choke transformers for Vox, Marshall & Fender amps as well as many other makes. They can also rewind your vintage transformer to original specs. Call for pricing and models. For more info, click here.
*Chokes: so what's the difference? The properly made choke has an overall effect on your amp's response, touch and toneality. The Mercury ones are a relatively in-expensive up-grade. Most chokes run about $20. Most amps made in the last 30 years have crappy chokes that aren't up to the same specs or performance as vintage chokes.
VOX AC-30 Add on Top Boost Module: (Now Available Once Again
top boost top boosttop boost
Available for all JMI/Vox AC-30's built between 1960-1964 is the add-on Top Boost Module Kit. You can now upgrade your amp to Top Boost Specs with this kit. This comes fully assembled, ready to install and requires some limited electronics experience. The unit is exactly like the original kit that was built by JMI and has the metal "L" bracket and white fascia is marked with Bass & Treble and has original type Vox pointer knobs. The kit includes a copy of the original JMI/Vox installation instructions. Valve(tube) is included as well. In about 30-40 minutes you can have that "Great Vox Tone" from your AC-30. This only will work on Non-Top Boosted AC-30 models(normal, treble or bass).
Price is: $195.00 Includes shipping (U.S. Only, Overseas orders will be subject to shipping charges, sorry!)

In short, whatever your amp needs are from cosmetic to electronic, I can help you with correct parts, quick service and reasonable rates. Normal turn around time is usually 2-3 weeks. Shop Rate is $60.00 per hour as of September 24th, 2013. Please note that this is the first price increase since 2004!

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