I received my Rangemaster yesterday, complete with red chicken-head knob (as requested). I haven't had an opportunity to use it yet, but look forward to putting it through its paces this weekend. As a former amateur radio-builder, let me compliment you now on very precise soldering and electronics work. Half the fun of getting it was taking off the back and looking at the guts of the unit.

-John Elwood-

Hi Don, (Marshall 50 Watt)
I received the 50wt. yesterday. it sounds great! you did a great job on it - thank you.
At first, it was making some popping noises. i was wondering if the bias might be off or the new filters were settling in - i'm not sure. is there any chance the fuse caps could be at a wrong value now that it has been spec'd to original? anyhow, that lasted for about 5 minutes and i haven't heard it since. if it happens again i'll contact you. what do you think it may be if this continues? anyhoot, it sure sounds a lot better than it ever has - i'm hoping the popping noises won't return. i'll keep you posted. thanks again - it really does sound much better ....... i dig it!
Best to you,


Hi Don, (JTM-45)
I got my amp today. I first opened it up and took a look at the chassis before playing it. Man, you do good clean work - I'm most impressed. The moment of truth then followed next - I hooked it up to my cab, waited a few for it to warm up ......... and to my surprise ........ I was absolutely overwhelmed at what i was hearing from this amp. Man-o-Man Brother, you have given new life to this amp and I am so grateful for it all.
I'll be given her a good workout here this Wednesday as I get together with some guys - I can't wait to open the throttle on it. I'll most likely be sending you the 50wt reissue tomorrow or Wednesday to have you work the same magic on it. Same deal as with the JTM 45 .......Please voice the normal channel as the high treble and deleting the bright caps across the volume pots. I'll email you as before the day I send it (tomorrow or Wednesday). Please update myself with your schedule if anything has changed recently. Per our last communication you had said you'll be around until mid January. I look forward to have you improving my 50wt.'s performance. Happy Holidays!

Best to you,


Don, (Fuzz Face)
You modded a fuzz face for me last Sept. Just dropping a line to say how happy I am with it. It took me a while to get use to but I learned to place it ahead of a TS9-808 and with both on I have a sound I actually like better than a Distortion Pro. A fuzz isn't really a kid's pedal is it? I mean you have to back off on the guitar volume a little and place it in your effects chain just right but when you learn how to use it, they almost become a necessity. Anyway, you did a great job and I am very satisfied...

-Ed Reed-

Toneman, (Fender Deluxe)
Your name says it all! I love the vibe I get from my Deluxe after you modded it. What a difference! I would encourage all re-issue owners to have there amps treated by the Dr. Thanks again,

-Bud Wood-

Dear Don, (AC-30 Wah)
I got everything yesterday pm when I got home and hooked it is awesome...the ac-30 is so much smoother and sweeter, love the wah and
distortion...the distortion is almost as perfect as the first vox one I bought with my tube berkely in "65 (wish I had saved that amp!!!). Had this
vox disortion in little chrome box with just an on off switch nothing else so kewl sounding like the changes you made on mine. Thanks again for your
great work, and prompt service...regards,


Don, (AC-30 Add-On)
I installed the unit yesterday in the customers amp. Everything went  very smoothly, his amp had not been modified so that made it easy! I played
it and it sounded excellent. The customer played it and went through the  roof!! He loved it!! Thanks for a great unit, and thanks for making me look
so good!! Blessings...

-Dave Beach-

Dear Don: (AC-30)
Just wanted to know that after playing my ac-30 with your mods, now that it has had some break-in time it sounds even better than when I first got it
back...thanks again for the awesome work that makes a huge difference in the sound and tone...toneman was a good choice of name..peace brother..


Don, (1964 Princeton)

Thank you so much for the excellent work on my 1964 Princeton! I put in the Celestion Blue and used the amp at a gig on New Years Eve. Now it's a
little monster with a big sound. Plenty of low end (I began the night using an extension speaker cab and pulled it when I realized the amp didn't need
any assistance keeping up with the band). The highs sparkle, bringing out the best in my Tele. On higher settings the amp begins to break up with a
warm, musical overdrive that has always eluded me until now. And all the way up, the Tele's bridge pick-up kicks things into the Zeppelin I zone.
Thanks again for the quality work, wisdom, and prompt service.

BTW - For my normal clean rhythm work I had the volume on 8, treble on 4.5 and bass on 7. Just like you said, higher volume and treble settings
brought out the overdrive. This volume level works well for my gigging situation, and I didn't need to add any more highs, so I'll stick with the
cap value that's in there for the treble control. I got a kick out of my bandmates telling me to turn down during soundcheck like I had a Twin or
something behind me! And none of them play softly by any stretch of the magination.
Thanks again,


Don, (63 Vox AC-30 amp)

Got the speakers wired up and the chassis shoved back in... and I couldn't wait to plug her in. Just playing out of the brilliant channel with everything jacked halfway... it's absolutely wonderful !!! I still need to ensure that my speaker solder-joints are cool and proper, but I am major pleased with the results. I don't know all the buzzwords for tone, but it sounds so much warmer now... but with a ton more ooomphh! How's that for technical terms? My next project is to get my 1990 BBRI combo sounding like it should.
You game? -Danny Hagen-

Hello Don!
I had my wah pedal and ts-9 modified by you. I just wanted let you know that I can now play intro to voodoo chile and sound like Jimi or SRV. The wah pedal has fat tone that I never heard from before. Also my tst-9 now can sound much like SRV. I am done searching for SRV tone with my custom strat, 66 super reverb and modified pedals done by you. Thanks. -Mark-

Hi Don,

Just wanted to write and say thanks again for installing that transformer.
I got to test it out over the weekend and it was a night and day difference over the Drake one: more defined, glassy, AND rich. I'm certain that my JCM2000 will kick the hell out of any 800 or 900 out there.
My friend's utterly convinced, so when he gets the money, I'll be sure to send him up your way!

-Jesse Doe-

Don, (62 Vox AC-30)

I received my AC 30 chassis today and it sounds GREAT. It sounds exactly like that idealized Vox sound that I have in my head. It is chimey just like you said. The normal and vibrato channels are now useful with the cut at 12 O'clock where before I had to dime the cut to get any presence at all out of those channels. My Strats sound like a choir of angels. Sweet and subtle with every detail shimmering through. I can even now use my Les Paul through this amp. Prior to your service, a Les Paul was just doggy through it. Thanks for doinq a great job.


I got the Gretsch 6120-20 and it's sounds and plays great thanks in part to you. I've never had one of these before. It's a beauty! Wow! I'm very happy with it; I can't put it down.
On top of that, it was delivered to me by one of the hosts on QVC Lisa Robertson who lives across the street from me so I knew it was going to be a special one. It apparently went to the wrong address, so she was nice enough to bring it over to my house. She can visit any day.

Thanks again Don!

Don, (Marshall 1962 Reissue Combo)

I tried it at the rehearsal and it just kicks some serious booty! It works great with the Tele I played through it (vintage Broadcaster style). It really needed your touch man! Do you also mod reissue Fender Bassmans? Do you do the same things to them and AC-30 reissues as to the JTM-45 reissues?


I took your advice and bought a pair of Filtertron Classics from Tom to put in my Setzer. You were right on the money. It was one of the best pup upgrades I ever made. They make the guitar sound more alive like a real vintage Gretsch. The stock Gretsch alnicos were like you said "cheap sounding". Thanks for the great tip.

Thanks. You wouldn't believe how the amp brought out all the bad spots on the guitar, like pickup adjustment. This is like biting into a deluxe prime rib - the clean is open and the overdrive has more to spare. Just for the heck of it, I connected a fuzzface and I realized that it was just a boost. I wanted to tell you how much of an improvement it is and that I didn't expect it.

This pedal that you modded for me     AWESOME! !!, the overtones and harmonics are great. I'm using it w/ my RI BB w/ kt-66's and alnico blues w/ Les Paul w/ T-Top p/ups. It really is a great sounding set-up. Thanks again.
PS. Where in the world do I find carbon 9v batteries ??. If I have no luck sourcing them, can you sell me some??.. Let me know how much $$ I will probably get a half dozen or so.