We all know how great some of the old pedals sounded. Well pedals like amps can be affected by age and the climate.
Things like True Bypass weren't common in the 60's. I can restore your old pedals to their former glory as well as improving them.
As well, I offer upgrades to several reissue pedals. I can turn any Ibanez Tube Screamer into the highly desirable TS-808.
Mod your reissue Fuzz Face or Tone Bender. As well as that, I can make any Cry Baby or Vox Wah Wah sound like the greatest old wah in the world.
Up-Grade your Wah Wah to sound like an original VOX CLYDE McCOY. Why spend a few hundred dollars to buy an original VOX or CRYBABY, when you can up-grade your reissue VOX or older CRYBABY for a 1/4 of the price !

Replace inductor, pot and add DPDT switch for TRUE BYPASS
Only $90.00

All Features Of #1 But Add Modifying Circuit To Use Original Type Parts (Carbon comp. resistors & mylar & polyester caps) Involves Changing All
Parts In Signal Path To 1966 Specs
Only $120.00

Vox Valve Tone pedals modded for better tone and warmth. Price $60.00
Vox Tone Benders reissues modded: $55.00
Dunlop made Fuzz Face's turned into original specs. Only $75.00

FULLTONE POT (good for 150,000 turns. Same taper and response as original ICAR pot but longer life). N/A
All work comes with a 90 day Warranty of parts and 30 days on labor.
Call for more information (661) 259-4544