Guitar Services:

*Fret Dressing
*Neck adjustments
*Custom wiring/pickup installations
*Specializing in New and Vintage Gretsch, Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, PRS, Hofner, and Rickenbacker

Installations of:

*"Tone Pros" Bridges and tailpieces
*"TV Jones" Pickups and wiring harness

Dealer for:

*Tone Pros
*TV Jones
*WD Music Products
*Gibson, Fender, Hofner, Gretsch, and Rickenbacker (upon request)


*Unbound Neck: $220.00
*Bound Neck: $275.00
*Fender maple necks and Rickenbacker fingerboards add $50.00 for re-shooting lacquer or poly finish on fingerboard

 Fret Dress:

*Level, re-crown and polish: $80.00

Basic Setups: include neck adjustment, pickup adjustment, set intonation, and action

Six Strings: $60.00 includes 1 set Pyramid Pure Nickle round wound strings

12 Strings: $80.00 includes 1 set of Pyramid Gold Flatwound strings

4 & 5 String Bass: $50.00 Strings Extra!

Acoustic & Archtop Guitars: Price varies on guitar and what's needed

Yes, that is un-winding. Nearly all Ric Vintage Series pickups (until  2/00)are wound to anywhere from 11K d.c. to 13.5K d.c.  resulting in a very harsh, brittle sound that sounds nothing like the originals. You can have your pickup un-wound to post 1963 specs of 7.4K d.c. (or there abouts). This makes all the difference in getting that original Rickenbacker Tone. Rickenbacker is now winding there Vintage series pickups to 7.4K to comply with all the complaints they've received over the last few years.

 TV Jones Pickups:
I offer these incredible recreations of FilterTron's and HiLo'Trons for Gretsch Guitars. Also available are wiring harness for Gretsch and excellent replacement pickups for Gibson humbuckings, P-90's and Fender pickups as well as some unusual creations of his own.

Call for pricing on these and check out tvjones here...