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PURE Nickel Flatwound 6 String Set (Lists$32) PURE Nickel Flatwound 12 String Set (List $42.50)
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These are finally available again here in the U.S. after a 25 year absence ( starting again in 1995). The flatwound Pyramid Gold's are the tone of The Beatles and other early sixties British Beat Groups. These are flatwounds with a twang and an attitude made to the original specs with a Round Core, Not a Hex Core like most string makers use. They come in numerous six string sets as well as The 12 String set and have been the stock string on Hofner Basses since they were started in 1956. New for 1998 are the pure nickle round wound strings that offer you 5 to 8 times more life than other manufactures and sound warmer and fatter than anyone else. And new in 2007 are the Round Core Nickel Classics. All Pyramid Strings are handcrafted in Bubenreuth, Germany using the finest materials available. Core wires and plain strings are Silver Plated German Steel, not the usual, cheap tin plated Swedish Steel like others use. Pyramid has been making strings since 1850 and offer strings for nearly every stringed instrument made. These are the only strings I'll ever consider putting on my own instruments. Why settle for strings that only last 5 to 8 hours on your guitar? I offer the full line of guitar and bass strings, flatwound and round wound. I can get strings for other instruments upon request. Call for more information on these exceptional strings. I am the un-official U.S. Rep and demo for them at the Winter NAMM Conventions and Frankfurt Musikmesse If I didn't believe they were the best, I wouldn't bother.
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Pure Nickel Round Wound 6 String Set Maximum Performance (List- $15)
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Pyramid Monel Classics  
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Monel is the missing link in Vintage Tone. There has not been any Monel Strings for Electric Guitar manufactured since 1970. Gibson Guitars (I have no affiliation with Gibson) offered "Mona Steel" & "Sonomatic" strings that were both made from Monel Steel during the 50's & 60's. Monel Steel is comprised of 67% Pure Nickel, 23% Pure Copper & 10% Iron. These strings have the warmth of Nickel, but with a little Midrange Growl and Attitude added in. The attack is much quicker and snappier and they last even longer than the pure nickel strings. I think you'll find that the "Monel Classics" are the answer to your Vintage Tone Quest. As with all Pyramid Strings, the Core wires and Plain strings are made from Silver Plated German Steel. 
Pyramid is proud to announce the return of the unique "Monel Classics" electric guitar strings. Relive the great tones of the 50's and 60's with a modern touch, we call it, Vintage bright. It's a wonderful alternative to pure nickel and nickel plated strings.
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Pyramid Nickel Classics  
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These strings are made exactly the same way as electric guitar strings were made in the Fifties and Sixties using a round core. Around 1970 (or so) most string manufactures switched from round core to hex core's for wound strings. This helped them "lock" the wrap onto the core for less defective wound strings. Unfortunately, the tone and sound of the strings changed considerably. Sadly, this is what we are all use to hearing and playing these days… Until NOW!
Round core constructed string offer better harmonics, longer string vibrations, better tone and longer string life. Pyramid is about the only company offering a true round core, pure nickel wrapped strings. These are exact to the specs they used originally from the late `40's thru the 1960's and feature a small core and large wrap.