13 Best Mini Amps And Portable Guitar Amps

Thinking about buying a mini amp?

Not only are they neat-looking and perfect for practicing, but they make awesome gifts that look great on a desk or shelf!

Mini guitar amps are ideal for solo jamming in bedrooms, hotel rooms, backstage before a gig, or around a campfire with a few friends.

Simply put, they are a must-have piece of gear for any electric guitarist.

They are also as affordable as they are portable!

Below, we have rounded up the best mini guitar amps and portable guitar amps based on their design, size, features, and sound.

These portable amps are ideal for beginners, as well as professional guitarists who want a small, weightless amp that they can take wherever they go with ease.

Whether you are buying one for yourself or as a gift, find the best mini guitar amp to buy by just scrolling down!


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Packing 3 watts of room-filling sound in an eye-catching unit with tons of superb features, the Orange Crush Mini is one of the best mini amps around.

For an affordable price, the Orange Crush Mini 3 Watt boasts headphone and speaker output, 9V battery operation (battery included), built-in guitar tuner, gain, volume, and shape controls, plus a total weight that sits just under 2 pounds.

Orange is one of the biggest names in the amp industry, and for that reason, you will not be disappointed by this versatile mini amp that packs character and punch.

Simply plug in and hear this thing growl!


  • Orange - one of the best amp manufacturers in the industry
  • Built-in tuner - ideal for beginners
  • Headphone output - enjoy private jamming
  • Compact and light - weighs just under 2 pounds
  • Affordable - hard to turn down for all of its great features


  • Eye-catching design - simply put, everyone likes Orange’s standout amp design (bright white and orange with crocodile skin material)


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Like the appeal of the Orange Crush Mini 3 Watt but not a fan of the bright orange and white design? You can get it in black!

This particular offering is a beginner bundle that comes with an electric guitar cable, 24 Fender picks, and an Austin Bazaar polishing cloth.

Ideal for beginners who have just bought their first electric guitar, the Orange Crush Mini is perfect for bedroom jamming as well as taking it around with you.

It has the same superb features as the above Orange Crush Mini, except in a toned-down black design that does not leave out the iconic crocodile skin exterior that British amp manufacturer Orange is famous for!


  • Orange - one of the best amp manufacturers in the industry, used by beginners and professionals alike
  • Built-in tuner - ideal for beginners who do not yet know how to tune their electric guitar
  • Headphone output - enjoy private jamming in the evenings
  • Compact and light - weighs just under 2 pounds 
  • Design - sleek black crocodile skin design that stands out at just the right amount


  • More expensive - the cable, cloth, and picks (not necessary if you already have them) will require you to spend a little more


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The Fender Frontman 10G is a classic beginner guitar amp that has been thrown in with several beginner Fender guitar bundles over the years.

Why? Because it is a great, versatile beginner amp that is also small, light, and portable.

On the front, you have gain, volume, treble, and bass controls, plus an overdrive switch for turning up the distortion.

It delivers 10 watts in a 9-pound unit, which is easily carried by the handle that Fender has included on the top.

All in all, despite not technically being a mini amp, the Fender Frontman 10G is a portable beginner guitar amp that will do everything a beginner guitarist needs for a relatively low price.


  • Fender Frontman - it’s a classic starter amp, perfect for beginners
    10 watts - the Fender Frontman 10G is louder than any mini amp
  • Carry handle - easy to carry wherever you go
  • 2-band EQ - two control knobs (treble and bass), which is one more than most mini amps
  • Headphone output - play at night using headphones


  • Might be heavy for some - while it does have a carry handle, this small amp weighs almost 9 pounds
  • Not a mini amp - the Frontman 10G is surely portable, but not technically a mini amp


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If you like the Fender name but want something that is smaller and with fewer features than the Frontman 10G, then the Fender MD20 Mini Deluxe is for you.

In other words, this is a “real” mini amp made by one of the most popular guitar manufacturers about.

With 3 watts of power in a tiny, carry-size unit that’s only 0.4 pounds, the Fender MD20 is a deceivingly loud amp for its miniature size. This also makes it one of the lightest portable mini amps that you can buy.

Stripped down in design, it has simple-to-use volume, tone, and gain controls, plus a headphone output and 9V adapter jack if you want to power it via battery.

Loyal to Fender and looking to buy a mini amp? This is the amp for you!


  • Miniature - Fender’s smallest amp
  • 0.4 pounds - one of the lightest mini amps you can buy, even for a mini amp
  • 9V adapter jack - can be powered by a 9V battery
  • Design - the Fender MD20 has an attractive vintage look


  • Needs an adapter - while it is a mini amp, it does come with one flaw: you will need an adapter if you want to power it with a battery


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The battery-powered Marshall MS2 took the world by storm on its release with its mini stack design that clipped onto your pants and looked great on shelves and desks.

Years later, it is still one of the most sought-after amps around!

Marshall is one of the biggest names in the amp industry, so there is no denying that the 1-watt MS2 packs a punch - and great tone - for its little design.

Perfect for festivals, parties, and simply jamming on the go, the Marshall Mini Stack is an amp that any electric guitarist will fall in love with.

It has straightforward volume and tone controls, plus an overdrive switch for when you want to rock out. You can even plug in your headphones if you want to jam privately.

Overall, the MS2 is just a damn cool-looking micro guitar amp - even to buy as a shelf ornament if you have always loved Marshall.


  • Truly portable and mobile - clip it onto your pants and play your electric guitar while walking
  • Neat design - Marshall’s mini stack design is one of a kind and looks great sitting in any room
  • Small and light - fits in your bag, weighing just 0.34 pounds
  • Marshall - one of the most trusted names in the amp industry
  • Affordable - it’s a must-have guitar accessory for the cheap asking price


  • Battery-powered only - this micro amp will require batteries that you have to replace regularly
  • 1 watt - don’t expect this amp to be heard from, say, across the garden


[amazon fields=”B000BVN582″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Like the design of the MS2 Mini Stack but want something a little louder? Marshall’s MS4 is here to save the day.

Marshall leveled up their MS2 and kept to the universally loved design by adding a second “mini cabinet” for extra volume. Now you can feel like you have a rig made for a packed-out stadium!

The Marshall MS4 Mini Stack is slightly louder than the MS2, despite having the same watt output, and can still be clipped onto your pants.

All in all, if you are looking for more volume, or just like the design of the double stack over the single stack, the MS4 is worth the extra asking price.


  • Extra volume - louder than the Marshall MS2 Micro Amp
  • Small and light - fits in your bag even with the extra “cabinet”, weighing at 0.75 pounds 
  • Marshall - one of the most trusted names in the amp industry
  • Neat design - looks great even on display as a room ornament
  • Portable and mobile - clip it onto your pants or take it on your travels


  • Price - the MS4 is double the price, despite being only slightly louder than the MS2
  • Battery-powered only - requires batteries that you have to regularly replace


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Blackstar are another well-known name in the amp industry, with the Fly 3 being one of their best-selling amps for its little size, yet huge sound.

For a mid-range price, the Blackstar Fly 3 offers 3 watts of oomph for its tiny size, with battery power and power adapter capability, headphone output, plus gain, volume, EQ, and delay knob controls.

In keeping with Blackstar’s minimalist black design for all of its amps, the Blackstar Fly 3 is a compact, shadow-black mini amp that is louder than it looks. The delay effect, while not quite reverb, is also a bonus!

Just like the Orange crush Mini, the Blackstar Fly 3 weighs just under 2 pounds.


  • Battery-powered - plug it into the wall or power it with 6 AA batteries
  • Minimal design - smooth, stripped-down black design 
  • Built-in delay effects - like delay on your guitar tone? The Fly 3 has a built-in delay effect
  • 3 watts - a 2-pound mini amp that is more powerful than it looks
    Affordable - affordable mid-range price that isn’t going to set you back


  • Size - while still a mini amp, it’s not as small as, for example, the Orange Crush Mini


[amazon fields=”B08DZJNGZ4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

On a budget and not worried about paying for a recognized industry name? Then the LyxPro 20 Watt Electric Guitar Amp is worth considering.

For a budget-friendly beginner amp, the LyxPro Guitar Amplifier offers 20 watts of power in a 6-pound unit that comes in lighter than the Fender Frontman 10G - with more volume.

On the front, you have got gain and volume, plus a two-band EQ for your bass and treble preferences. It also has a headphone out for private jamming in the evening, and comes in a variety of colors if that is something you are looking for in an amp.

While not a mini amp, the LyxPro 20-watt amp is a cheap beginner amp that is just as portable, with a carry handle located on top of the unit.


  • Cheap - a budget-friendly beginner amp 
  • Powerful - 20 watts of power despite its size
  • 2-band EQ - adjust the bass and treble to how you like it
  • Colors - choose from blue, pink, red, orange, white, brown, and plain old black
  • Carry handle - while it’s not a micro amp, it weighs 6 pounds and can be easily carried


  • LyxPro - ideal for beginners, but not a well-known, reputable amp manufacturer in the industry 
  • Not a mini amp - the LyxPro 20 Watt Amp is small, but not a mini amp that you can fit in a bag


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Built like an amp head but perfect for your desk or windowsill, the Yamaha THR5 is a unique, vintage-inspired mini guitar amp that offers a ton of features despite its minimalistic-looking appearance.

The THR5 mini amplifier boasts 10 watts of power with 5 built-in classic amp mic sounds (condenser, dynamic, tube, nylon, and EG CLN), in addition to master, tone, effect, delay/reverb, and volume controls.

In terms of effects, you have got phaser, flanger, chorus, and tremolo.

It also has USB capability for plugging into your computer for composing and recording through Cubase. If you are a bedroom producer, this is an amp that you should definitely consider getting.

With that said, it is a lot for a mini amp, which, as a result, comes with a higher asking price than the other mini amps and beginner amps on this list.


  • 5 amp sounds - enjoy more versatility with your tone from a compact mini amp
  • 4 built-in effects - flanger, phaser, chorus, and tremolo
  • Light and portable - weighs 4.4 pounds and features a carry handle on top of the unit
  • USB capability - ideal for producers and songwriters, or those looking to get into producing
  • Unique design - the THR5 is a vintage-inspired mini amp that looks like an old-school radio or amp head!


  • Expensive - while it does offer more features than most mini amps, it comes at a higher asking price


[amazon fields=”B000B6DHAS” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Danelectro is known for their unique range of guitars and the Honeytone N10 mini amplifier is a product that doesn’t fit out of place in terms of style. If you own a Danelectro guitar, this is probably an amp that will catch your eye.

Tiny in size with a unique, vintage radio-like design that can clip onto your pants, the Danelectro Honeytone mini amp is a neat-looking unit that packs - wait for it - 10 watts of sound power.

Despite weighing just 1 pound, this deceivingly loud amp gives you 10 watts of power with topside controls that include volume, tone, and overdrive.

For the same price as a Marshall MS2, it’s worth considering if you have your eye on a micro amp that is truly portable. It is also for you if you prefer Danelectro amps, or own a Danelectro guitar.

The Danelectro N10 Honeytone is battery-powered, requiring a 9V battery (included).


  • 10 watts - for a micro amp, the Honeytone delivers 10 watts of power
  • Vintage design - it simply looks great, with a choice of vintage color tones to suit your preference
  • Headphone output - plug in your headphones on the side
  • Plug in - can be powered via a DC in power adapter
  • Affordable - a micro amp that is not going to break the bank even if you end up not liking it!


  • Sound - although this is a 10-watt micro amp, do not expect the best sound quality from the size and build


[amazon fields=”B0000WS0RI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Vox Pathfinder is a no-brainer if you want a mini amp and have always liked the Vox AC30 - Vox’s most iconic amp.

Just like its iconic predecessor, the Vox Pathfinder mini amp stays true to Vox’s distinctive design, with a classic-looking front grill in shades of brown and all the amp controls located on top of the unit.

It packs 10 watts of power for a mini amp, with bass, treble, volume, and gain controls, plus a headphone out for private jamming in the evenings.

At 12 pounds, it’s heavier than the other mini amps on this list, but it does feature a carry handle on the top (a staple of every Vox amp) for more convenience when taking it on the go.

The reason for its weight is a robust 6.5-inch Vox speaker that makes sure to deliver 10 watts of power without compromising on Vox’s widely loved tone.


  • Vox - a reputable amp name that has been around for decades
  • Design - a classic, vintage design that looks just like the iconic Vox AC30!
  • 6.5-inch Vox speaker - 10 watts of power without comprising on the company’s widely loved tone
  • 2-band EQ - adjust bass and treble to your liking
  • Affordable mid-range price - for a mini amp, the mid-range price is worth it if you are a loyal Vox amp user


  • Heavy - at 12 pounds, it’s heavy for a mini amp, despite the convenient carry handle on top of the unit


[amazon fields=”B07BKYRKZV” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Luvay 10 Watt Electric Guitar Amplifier is a budget-friendly beginner guitar amp that, somehow, looks like a mini amp at the same time.

Featuring easy-to-use volume, treble, and bass controls, along with a headphone out, the Luvay GA-10 is perfect for guitarists who are just starting to learn and don’t need to overspend on the budget.

For the cheap price, you get 10 watts of power, a back support stand (for adjusting the angle of the amp), and high-quality leather craftsmanship.

You also get a two-band EQ, which is great for beginners who do not want to be overwhelmed when it comes to customizing their tone.

While it is not technically a mini amp, it only weighs 6 pounds and can be easily transported to and from a car, or on short walking journeys, using the carry handle.


  • Cheap - the price is simply not going to break your budget
  • For beginners - a great beginner amp with all the features a new guitarist needs
  • 10 watts - room-filling sound that you won’t get from a mini amp
  • 2-band EQ - you can adjust the bass and treble to your liking


  • Luvay - don’t expect sound quality that will measure up to the more well-known amp manufacturers on this list
  • Not a mini amp - despite its portability, it is not for you if you are exclusively looking to buy a battery-powered mini amp!


[amazon fields=”B079H3ZSM9″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Looking for a portable amp that packs loads of power? If that is the case, turn away from mini amps and put your money towards something that can fill out a large room.

The Marshall MG15GR might not be as light as the other portable amps on this list. But, at 18 pounds, it does deliver 15 watts of sound for a beginner amp, or practice amp, that can easily fit in the back of a car trunk.

With the handle, it can also be carried on short walks.

True to Marshall’s classic design, the front of the amp features gain, volume, bass, mid, treble, and reverb controls. So, if you are looking for nothing less than a 3-band EQ, the MG15GR won’t disappoint.

The built-in reverb - for some, a must-have guitar effect - is a welcome addition.

For a 15-watt Marshall amp, it’s also surprisingly affordable, especially if you are looking for a beginner amp that you can use to jam with friends. That’s right, it’s loud enough to go up against a drum kit!


  • Marshall - you can’t go wrong with one of the most renowned amp manufacturers in the world
  • 15 watts - loud enough to fill out a large room, or jam with a band
  • 3-band EQ - full tonality control
  • Built-in reverb - this amp includes one of the most widely used effects built in for convenience
  • Affordable - worth investing in for the additional power and the fact that it’s a Marshall!


  • Heavy - at 18 pounds, it’s not the most portable amp on this list (for a mini amp, you are better off getting the Marshall MS2 or Marshall MS4)

Frequently Asked Questions

13 Best Mini Amps And Portable Guitar Amps

Are Mini Amps Good?

Mini guitar amps are good for practicing in small bedrooms and hotel rooms. They are ideal for traveling and taking to festivals or practicing before going on stage.

Mini amps are affordable and loud enough for any small room or outdoor space and are usually battery-powered. They feature basic controls such as volume, gain, distortion, and tone.

Are Mini Amps Good For Beginners?

Mini amps are good for beginner electric guitarists who have a small room and are not interested in having built-in amp effects.

They can be used for any playing style or genre of music, with the ability to adjust volume, overdrive, and tone. Most mini amps can be powered by batteries and DC power adapters, making them ideal to use anywhere.

Are Portable Amps Worth It?

Mini portable amps are easily affordable, worth buying for electric guitarists who travel a lot and want to practice the electric guitar wherever they go.

Mini portable guitar amps can be powered by batteries or power adapters - or both - and are loud enough for any small room or outdoor space. Portable amps also feature basic tone controls and headphone output.

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