The 5 Best Locking Tuners For Fender Stratocasters

Having a Fender Stratocaster means you are among greats such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, who also marveled at the smooth, lightweight guitar that is partly responsible for some of the greatest rock and jazz music of our time.

If you’re new to buying a Stratocaster, you’re probably wondering why locking tuners are so important?

Locking tuners are essential for guitars as they improve the stability of the strings by keeping them in place so that you don’t have to tune your guitar as often.

As you won’t have to tune your guitar as often, the sound quality of your guitar will remain for longer.

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before purchasing locking tuners for your guitar, and most importantly, you need to be certain that the locking tuners will fit your Stratocaster.

Lots of locking tuners on the market fit standard Stratocasters, but it is always worth making sure that they will definitely fit before purchasing.

You will also want to take the gear ratio into consideration before purchasing as this will help to improve the sound quality of your Stratocaster.

The higher gear ratios will increase your break angle and improve your sound quality, so this is also something that is important to look out for.

Here we have the 5 best locking tuners for you to use on your Stratocaster so that you are able to see which locking tuners are best suited for you and your guitar.

We have included lots of factors and features that are essential when purchasing locking tuners so you are able to find the best quality tuners for you. 


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These locking tuners from Fender allow you to choose between standard or vintage buttons depending on your preference.

You can also easily select buttons for either left or right-handed so that you can be sure that the buttons correctly correspond to your Stratocaster.

These tuners come in a set of six and fit Stratocasters as they are designed to fit more modern-style Fender guitars. This set of tuners come with both tall and short tuners, which are extremely significant.

The tall tuners are for the wound strings and the shorter ones are for the plain strings. Alternating between the tall and short tuners increases the break angle, giving you more volume and better sound quality.

The tuners have an 18:1 gear ratio so you are able to finely tune your Stratocaster, and they have dual-guide pin mounting to easily install yourself.

Bushings and washers are included in this set so you don’t have to worry about buying them separately.

The tuners come in either polished chrome, brushed chrome, black, or gold, so you are able to decide what color would complement your guitar the best.


  • The choice of standard or vintage buttons
  • The choice between left-handed or right-handed buttons
  • Includes both tall and short tuners
  • 18:1 gear ratio
  • Bushings and washers included
  • The choice of four colors


  • The pins fit most modern Fender guitars but it is wise to make sure they will fit your Stratocaster before purchasing


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These guitar locking tuners from Guyker include 6 locking tuner pegs, screws, bushings, and washers so you don’t have to purchase any parts separately.

They are easy to install and are very accurate in tuning your guitar so you don’t have to worry about any complications.

These tuners have a 1:16/1:18 gear ratio for fine-tuning and are made from solid zinc alloy materials for a quality finish on your Stratocaster.

The quality material ensures that these locking tuners are strong and provide great stability for your strings.

The sealed machine heads and heavy-duty internal gear ensure that you are able to precisely tune your Stratocaster without damaging any part of it, and the smoothness inside the machine head allows for an accurate and easy turn.

The tuners come in chrome for a sophisticated and classic look for your Stratocaster and the smooth finish gives your Stratocaster an elegant finish.

They make it very easy to adjust your string tension without any difficulties which are important in preventing any breakage or snapping.


  • Includes pegs, screws, bushings, and washers
  • 1:16/1:18 gear ratio
  • Made from solid zinc alloy materials
  • Smooth internal machine head for easy turning
  • Easy to adjust string tension


  • Tuners all the same size
  • Not pinned
  • Fits most electric, acoustic, and folk guitars but you may need to upgrade
  • parts to fit your Stratocaster before purchasing


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The Gotoh Magnum guitar tuners are extremely innovative as they feature a partial wrap of string around the post so tuning stability is improved and helps players to easily tune and adjust their strings.

Solid string posts help prevent loose strings and decrease the number of times your Stratocaster will need tuning as stability is improved so your strings won’t wobble out of place.

There is a 16:1 gear ratio that allows you to precisely tune your Stratocaster easily for a more defined sound.

The posts are two different heights, 18.5mm and 20mm so that sound quality is improved as the break angle is increased and eliminates any need for string trees.

The gears are lubri-coated with specific polymer clay that keeps the gears lubricated so that they are easy to use and turn.

The tuners come in cosmo black, a sleek alternative to chrome.

The black looks extremely professional and stands out amongst standard guitar tuners and will give your Stratocaster a unique flare to contract with the generic chrome locking tuners.


  • Patrial string wrap around the post for improved tuning stability
  • Solid string posts prevent loose strings
  • 16:1 gear ratio
  • Alternating post heights for improved sound quality
  • Lubricated gears


  • No pins
  • Fits most Stratocasters but double-check sizing before purchasing


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These KAISH locking tuners fit most standard Stratocasters and do not need mounting screws as they have two pins to fit onto your Stratocaster. These tuners are of good quality and fit modern 10mm tuner holes.

To install the locking tuners, you slip the string through the hole and tighten the locking thumbwheel. The locking thumbwheel cannot be pulled out all the way, but once you do this you are able to tune the string.

They are very easy to install, and a locking mechanism holds the strings in the correct position during tuning.

There is a 16:1 tuning ratio to help improve your Stratocastor’s sound quality and the knobs are easy to turn to ensure that you are efficiently tuning your guitar.

This helps to prevent your strings from snapping and you will be able to keep track of the 16:1 gear ratio easily as the locking tuners are smooth to turn.

The locking tuners come in either black, gold, or chrome so there is a set that will suit any Stratocaster and it is up to you which color you choose.


  • Two pins and no need for mounting screws
  • Easy to install
  • The locking mechanism holds strings in place whilst tuning
  • 16:1 tuning ratio
  • Comes in black, gold, or chrome


  • The tuners are all the same height
  • Fits most standard Stratocasters but check before purchasing to avoid drilling holes in your guitar


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The Dopro locking tuners are vintage style and would make a great asset to your Stratocaster. The buttons come in either nickel or ivory, both adding a touch of class and professionalism to your Stratocaster and adding to its signature style.

These tuners are easy to install as you need to slide the string through the posts, and they include bushings and screws so that you aren’t missing any key pieces or have to buy anything separately and miss parts out.

The tuners fit guitars with 10mm tuner holes without using conversion bushings, but bushings are included if this is not the case.

The tuners are self-locking when they are being tuned and prevent the strings from sliding or breaking. This helps tighten the strings properly so you don’t have to worry about any loose strings or extra vibrations when playing.

The locking tuners have a 14:1 gear ratio and help your guitar to stay in tune so you don’t have to worry about the sound quality slipping.

The 14:1 gear ratio will allow you to finely tune your guitar with fewer turns without compromising on sound quality.


  • Ivory or nickel buttons add a vintage touch to your Stratocaster
  • Easy to install
  • Include bushings and screws
  • Fit 10mm tuner holes 
  • The tuners are self-locking to prevent the strings from sliding or breaking
  • 14:1 gear ratio


  • The machine heads are all the same size
  • Lower gear ratio
  • No pins
  • Fit most standard Stratocasters but check before purchasing

Final Thoughts

These locking tuners all have their own unique features and designs to help improve the sound quality of your Stratocaster, and they are essential in protecting your strings and keeping them securely in place.

The 5 Best Locking Tuners For Fender Stratocasters

Although with all of the locking tuners you need to check whether they will definitely fit your Stratocaster, this is just a precaution.

You should be checking anyway, but all of these tuners fit standard Stratocaster tuning holes, you just need to be sure they will fit yours before purchasing.

If you have a vintage Stratocaster, you will need to make sure that the modern locking tuners will fit your Stratocaster.

The post height is very significant when purchasing your locking tuners as they improve sound quality, yet a lot of locking tuners do not have alternating heights and received great reviews too.

It is up to you what heights work best for you, and you can find alternating post heights or equal post heights on our list.

Finally, you must remember that it is important to find what works best for you when you are playing. Each Stratocaster is different and so is each player, so it is vital that you choose the locking tuners that you feel most comfortable and secure using.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easy To Change The Strings With A Locking Tuner?

It is much easier to change a string with a locking tuner as this helps to keep the strings in place once you thread the string through the hole. This helps to keep your strings secure and safe from breakages.

When changing the string, you tighten the locking tuner to make sure that the string is in place.

How Does A Locking Tuner On A Fender Stratocaster Work?

Locking tuners on a Fender Stratocaster work by pulling the string through the bridge and over the nut, and then pulling it through the locking tuner will allow you to secure the string so it can be tuned.

After you tune the string, you can secure the locking tuner by clipping it. The locking tuners are incredibly easy to use and are quick and simple to install.

Why Do You Need Locking Tuners On A Guitar?

You don’t need to purchase locking tuners for your guitar, but there are many benefits to doing so.

The locking tuners allow you to change a string faster and with more precision, and you can tune your guitar much easier as the locking tuner keeps the string stable whilst you tune by clamping it down.

Locking tuners come in all different shapes and colors, and some allow you to add a touch of vintage class to your guitar.

How Long Does It Take To Change A Locking Tuner?

There is no exact time given for how long it will take you to install a locking tuner, but they are very quick and easy to install. Some people can install them in 10 minutes, others can install them in 5 minutes. 

If you aren’t used to using locking tuners then it might take you a bit longer at first but you will eventually find it easier.

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