5 Best Amp Stands For Improving Volume And Sound

There is nothing worse than having bad sound quality from your guitar amp. The quiet, muffled noise in place of your music can be infuriating, especially when it’s music that you are really proud of.

Is there anything more frustrating than having to cut a band practice short because your amp isn’t relaying your sound well enough?

An amp is supposed to make your music loud and clear, so why doesn’t this happen in larger venues? Surely the amp on its own is enough, but what if it isn’t?

You may be feeling frustrated and unsure of what to do, but there’s a very simple solution to make sure that your music gets back on track to its usual sound quality.

By using an amp stand, your amp will be elevated so that you can get maximum sound quality, and it will be protected from dust and dirt to prevent any long-term damage so that nothing will get in the way of your sound.

Searching for the perfect guitar amp stand can be difficult.

Finding a good quality amp stand that you know you can trust and rely on is tricky as you want to make sure that you have the best quality stand to protect your amp with the right features for improving your sound quality.

Guitar amp stands are very popular as they not only improve the quality of your sound, but they protect the amp.

When your amp is placed on the floor, your amp can sound muffled or quiet, so by using an amp stand, your amp is up off the ground and improving your sound so it’s ready to blast through a venue for everyone to enjoy.

Here are 5 of the best guitar amp stands on the market that will help you to get the most out of your amp. 


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The RS7000 guitar amp stand keeps your guitar amp off the floor so it is protected from any dust and is out of the way from any damage.

A great feature of the RS7000 amp stand is that the stand features rubber grips on the tilt-back that help keep your amp securely in place without sliding out of the stand.

There are also rubber grips on the bottom of the amp stand so that there is no danger of the stand sliding or being knocked over.

The locking cross brace feature of the amp stand provides even more support for the frame so that you never have to worry about the legs holding your amp up.

The width of the shelf on the stand is 12 inches so it can fit a variety of different amps, and the height is adjustable for however high you want the support to be.

The shelf folds down so that it is easy to store away when needed, which makes this stand very convenient for travel.

The single hinge feature allows you to quickly and easily fold the stand away so that you are able to travel with it or store it away without taking up a lot of your time.

The stand doesn’t take up a lot of space when it is standing up so it is perfect to have around without taking up too much space.


  • Rubber grips on the tilt-back and on the bottom of the stand so your amp is securely in place at all times
  • Locking cross brace provides stronger support for the amp
  • 12” width so it can fit different sized amps
  • Adjustable height
  • The shelf easily folds down
  • Convenient for traveling


  • Sits quite high off the ground


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The RS7501 amp stand from On-Stage includes many features that will help improve the sound quality of your amp.

This amp stand has five tilt positions that all allow your amp to reach its maximum sound quality and the back legs adjust so you can easily convert your stand to any of the five tilt positions.

The stand is made out of heavy-duty steel with a 100lbs maximum capacity so it can hold a variety of different amps, and it is very easily folded away.

The legs of the stand have a 28” span which makes sure that your amp is held securely in place as the weight is equally distributed.

The rubber arm holders protect the amp from getting scratched, are soft for the amp to rest on, and are adjustable so you can position them however you are comfortable. 

The stand also features a foam-padded collar along the upper shaft that further secures the safety of the amp and protects it from scratching or dust.

The main feature of this amp stand is the 22” boom arm and a 7” adjustable mini boom arm that sits in front of your amp when it is placed on the stand.

This maximizes the sound quality of your amp and the Posi-Lok clutch allows you to secure your microphone to be positioned for any kind of miking you want!


  • Five tilt positions
  • The stand is made out of heavy-duty steel
  • 28” leg span
  • Rubber arm holders protect the amp from scratches
  • A foam-padded collar keeps the amp safe and secure
  • 22” boom arm and 7” mini boom arm
  • Posi-Lok clutch allows you to safely secure your microphone
  • Easily folded away


  • Making the shelf bigger may cause instability if not locked properly


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The On-Stage RS4000 amp stand lifts your amp off the floor so it is protected from dust and dirt, and tilts your amp back to improve the sound quality of your amp.

This stand is designed for smaller amps and helps you to get the most out of your amp and its sound quality.

The stand is perfect for transportation as it is lightweight and folds flat so you don’t have to worry about finding space to keep the stand upright.

It is extremely easy to move around so it is ideal if you are traveling between venues and have a lot of other equipment to carry as it won’t be in the way or be an issue carrying.

There are locking tabs on the stand that prevent it from opening during transportation and protect your stand from any breakage or scratching.

When the stand is folded, the bars make it easy to carry as they imitate handles, so there is no need to be concerned that you won’t be able to lift the stand as you slide it up to your shoulder and carry other things too.

The steel box frame ensures that your amp will be safe resting on the stand, and the vibration-resistant rubber feet protect your stand from sliding or falling over and prevent any vibrations interrupting your sound.

This will maximize the sound quality of your amp and project further than before.


  • Keeps your amp off the floor and away from dust and dirt
  • Perfect for smaller amps
  • Lightweight
  • Folds flat
  • Locking tabs protect the stand and stop it from opening during transportation
  • Made from steel
  • Vibration-resistant rubber feet stop sliding and improve sound quality


  • Designed for smaller amps so won’t hold bigger sizes
  • Not adjustable 


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This amp stand from Gator Frameworks is made from heavy-duty steel to ensure that your amp is as secure as possible.

It lifts the amp off the floor so that it is away from dust and noise cancellation and helps to improve the quality of the sound by keeping the amp tilted back.

You can choose to have either a high profile stand, low profile stand, or mid-profile stand. The high and low profile stands have a maximum weight of 50lbs, whereas the mid profile stand can hold heavier amps up to 176lbs.

Depending on which stand you go for, it is important to make sure that your stand is able to hold your amp for your amp’s safety.

The mid-profile stand is easily adjustable to securely fit your amp and the stand tilts your amp backward to rest at an angle that is perfect for improving your sound quality.

The angled position makes it easy for you to adjust the volume or tone without having to constantly bend over.

The stand is easily collapsible for storage or transportation and has a locking device that keeps the stand closed when folded so it doesn’t open up to protect your stand and other equipment you may be carrying.

The stand has rubberized feet which help to get rid of any unwanted sound interference and keep the stand firmly in place and level so there is no danger of the stand unevenly tilting and damaging your amp.


  • Made from heavy-duty steel
  • Lifts amp off the floor
  • Tilt-back for better sound quality
  • Choose between high profile, low profile, or mid profile stands
  • Easily collapsible
  • Rubber feet


  • The high profile and low profile stands can only hold a maximum of 50lbs, so they are best suited to smaller amps 


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This amp stand from Sanus is made from heavy-gauge steel pillars for sturdiness and a smooth black shelf for your amp to rest on.

The stand can hold a maximum weight of 125lbs and is extremely stable as the weight is equally distributed across the shelf.

The stand has adjustable feet to increase stability and keep your amp safe on uneven floors, making this amp ideal for any location.

It is extremely simple to set up and all hardware is included in the box so that you can use the amp anywhere you want on first listen and quickly set it up so it won’t take time out of your performance time.

The open design of the stand allows continuous airflow and enables the stand to easily release hot air without any danger of overheating.

The stand lifts the amp off the floor and the shelf works as an isolation platform that prevents vibrations from interfering with your sound.

The stand comes with cable clips that help you keep your amp tidy and organized without having to worry about losing or damaging any parts.

The clips are a great addition in protecting the wires, but also preventing any wires from becoming a trip hazard as there will be no danger of the wires being all over the floor as they will all be secured together.


  • Made from heavy-gauge steel
  • Holds a maximum weight of 125lbs
  • Adjustable feet
  • Safe to use on uneven surfaces
  • Allows continuous airflow to keep the amp cool
  • Cable clips included
  • Minimizes vibrations


  • No tilt-back feature
  • The amp stand is short and placed on the floor so may become a trip hazard
  • No foldaway feature but the stand is small so doesn’t take up much room 

Final Thoughts

When your amp sound quality is quieter or worse than you expected, purchasing an amp stand is a great way to utilize your amp to reach its potential and to help you get maximum enjoyment from using it.

If you are playing lots of venues and using your amp, an amp stand will help to project your music across the whole audience, not just people who are standing at the front.

5 Best Amp Stands For Improving Volume And Sound

There are many ways that the stand works to improve the sound quality of your amp, and a tilt-back feature is one of them. By holding your amp at an angle, it raises the amp to further project sound, whereas on the floor there are many obstacles.

Without an amp stand in a venue, the amp will be pointing towards your feet or the audience’s legs. With a stand, the tilt-back feature aims to amp to the ceiling to reach the whole venue.

By lifting your amp off the ground with a stand, you are minimizing the risk of vibrations interfering with the sound quality of your amp.

You also protect your amp from dust and dirt, and a stand is a safe way of making sure your amp is secure at all times, and you are protecting your amp from becoming a trip hazard to those around.

An amp stand is necessary for those who want their sound to be projected louder and further. Amp stands will make a great addition to your performing space as they don’t take up a lot of space, but you most definitely know that they’re there!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When You Put An Amp On The Floor?

When an amp is placed on the floor, the speaker is directed at a lower level so it is hard to reach a good sound quality in a large room. With the amp on the floor, the sound is very bass-heavy and is pointed at your feet and calves, not at your heads.

By raising the amp and tilting it back, your amp will be able to project further. When your amp is placed on the floor, it is in danger of being kicked, knocked over, and is a hazard if you fall over it.

It is also more likely to collect dust which will damage the sound quality in the long term.

Why Do You Need An Amp Stand In A Venue?

Using an amp stand when performing in a venue is very beneficial to the audience as the amp can face the audience’s faces instead of their legs.

Pointing the amp at the ceiling allows the sound to fill the whole venue so that the whole audience can hear the sound clear. 

Having an amp stand with an adjustable tilt-back feature ensures that you can point your amp correctly however high or low the stage is.

What Should I Look For In An Amp Stand?

There are lots of features in amp stands that are extremely beneficial to your amp. It is important that your stand is made from steel and not plastic to ensure that the stand is sturdy and will hold the weight of your amp.

It is also important that the stand is lightweight for transportation and is adjustable so that you can safely place your amp on the stand. It is also beneficial for the stand to fold during transportation.

What Is The Maximum Weight That An Amp Stand Can Hold?

The weight that an amp stand can hold is varied as some stands are more suitable for smaller amps, and some are designed to hold larger and heavier amps. Some stands can hold up to 150lbs, but it is always good to check before you purchase a stand.

Weigh your amp before purchasing a stand so you can make sure that your amp will be safe and secure on the stand and there is no risk of the amp breaking.

It is never wise to purchase a plastic amp stand as these are a lot more flimsy, even for smaller amps. It is always recommended that you purchase a steel amp stand so you know that your amp will be safe.

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