How To Hang A Guitar On The Wall: Tips And Tricks For Guitar Safety

When it comes to owning a guitar, one of the most important things you will want to know about first is how to store it properly. Doing so allows the guitar to stay in top condition without any scratches and an overloading of dust.

A guitar case is always a great option if you want to protect it from the outside elements but traditionally these are also used for transport.

A standard guitar stand could be another option, but these can be risky because of their ability to be knocked over. Another way is by having it on display – so, hanging the guitar by its neck on the wall.

How To Hang A Guitar On The Wall - Tips And Tricks For Guitar Safety

Not only will the wall be a handy place to store it, afterall, you can quickly grab and play it without having to open a case, but it will also look stylish and could be a centerpiece within a room.

If you are planning to hang a guitar on the wall, then this is the right place to be. This guide will give you all the tips and tricks you need to mount a guitar safely on a wall.

Here are a few things we will be looking at:

  • Will Hanging a Guitar On the Wall Damage It?
  • Is It Even Safe to Hang a Guitar On the Wall?
  • The Reasons to Hang a Guitar On the Wall
  • 5 Steps On Putting the Wall Bracket to the Wall
  • Are There Other Ways to Hang A guitar?
  • FAQ

Will Hanging A Guitar On The Wall Damage It?

Even though hanging a guitar onto the wall is a great idea, there are a number of things you will want to avoid.

Not only will you have to make sure you mount it correctly so as to not damage the guitar itself, but you will also want to make sure outside elements do not affect the guitar too.


When it comes to the moisture content in a room, the higher it is, you will probably not want to keep your prized guitar in there. When it comes to solid wood, moisture content causes the wood to expand and this in turn will affect the tone quality of the guitar.

If you have no idea what the humidity level of your room is, invest in either a hygrometer to monitor those humidity levels (must be between 45 to 55%), or a humidifier to control the moisture content if it is slightly high.

This way you can make sure the wood stays in perfect condition whilst it is out of casing.

Another thing to do is not to place the guitar near the air conditioner as you will not want it to be blowing directly onto the guitar. Doing so will cause the wood to absorb some of that moisture.

Sun Exposure

Even though the UV rays of the sun will not damage the guitar generally, over time it will cause the wood to change color, so it is advisable to store the guitar somewhere out of direct contact with the sun.

Making sure the guitar is not placed near the window also means that it is not exposed to different temperatures and weather conditions.

If you do let your guitar sit by the window, due to all these factors the wood will keep shrinking and expanding over time, ultimately damaging the wood.

Because of this, the wood could split or become fragile. So to avoid this, just pick a place where it will not be affected by what is happening outside of the window.

Is It Even Safe To Hang A Guitar On The Wall?

Even though a lot of guitar newbies disagree at first, it is absolutely safe to hang a guitar on the wall.

Firstly, it will not fall apart if you hang it by its neck on the wall. It is an understandable assumption to make due to assuming it will be holding a lot of stress in that area because of the ‘bottom-heavy’ weight the guitar is holding.

The guitar neck can take on a lot of weight and pressure when it is hanged. Most guitars can likely hold up to around 10 lbs – with wood having an elastic limit.

Elongation of the wood can occur, but once that force is gone, it will return to its normal self. Because of this, you will never see any structural differences, so would never even know that this has happened.

Also, keep in mind that the guitar always has some form of continuous tension pull on it from things such as the strings. This means a downward pull on the lower half of the guitar will not affect it, or barely at all.

How To Hang A Guitar On The Wall 2

The Reasons To Hang A Guitar On The Wall

Before we get started on how to hang up a guitar onto the wall, we want to discuss a few reasons why it is a good idea to do so.

A Good Way To Jam

Because the guitar will be in easy reach, you can just pick it up and play without having to open up a case. This is really good for songwriters who have a tune come to them randomly and they want to quickly pick up their guitar to figure it out.

Weirdly, a lot of us do not always have the patience to open up a guitar case. We know that once we take it out for five minutes, we will then have to put it back again. It can be quite fiddly, afterall!

Because of this, hanging the guitar just makes sense, plus you are more likely to play on the guitar spontaneously.

It Is A Reminder

Having the guitar constantly there in all its glory will remind you to play it. When it is hidden away in its case you can easily forget about it, but if it is displayed on the wall, then how can you ignore it?

It is a good way to keep you motivated if you are learning to play, or if you want to get back into playing the guitar.

It Will Not Get Knocked Over

Because the guitar will be hanging from a wall, any children or pets cannot accidentally knock the guitar over unlike if it was in a traditional guitar stand. This also reduces the likelihood of scratches too. Yay!

Even though those that may be able to reach it will touch it, the only thing you will have to worry about is smudged fingerprints but they are easy to wipe off.

Looks Great In A Room

People will notice the guitar (or guitars) hanging from the wall. Not only will it be a conversation starter, but it will look great too. You can always add the guitar to a statement wall or include it within a music room.

Plus, you can always add more guitars to the collection then! Not that you need an excuse…

Gathering The Correct Tools

When it comes to actually mounting the guitar on the wall, you will need the right tools to do the job. It is not difficult, and only requires either nails or screws – plus, it will not take long!

What you will need:

  • Electric screwdriver
  • Or hammer drill
  • Mounting screws
  • A level
  • A hammer
  • Guitar hanger (there are many options)
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape

There are many different types of guitar hanger, but you do not need to go with something that appears to be all singing and all dancing. So long as it does its job, it will be perfect.

Choose The Location

Now that you have the materials ready, you can move onto actually seeking out the location you want to put the guitar. Keep in mind the reasons that were stated above, so as to place it in the perfect spot that will not damage the wood.

Also, when you have finally chosen a wall, make sure it is sturdy and strong enough to carry the weight of a guitar. Because of this point, make sure to be extra careful if you are planning to hang it from drywall.

Not only may it collapse, but also it will cost a fair bit to repair.

How To Hang A Guitar On The Wall

Now It Is Time To Check The Wall Bracket

This is the time when you will need to make sure that there will not be any unnecessary strain on the neck of the guitar.

You can do this by taking the level and using it on the wall bracket to check to see if the guitar will hang perpendicular to the floor. If yes, then go ahead to the next step. If not, look for a different spot on the same or a different wall.

If it is okay, mark the location with a pencil and do any measuring you may need with a measuring tape.

Drill The Holes

Once all the pencil markings and measurements have been finalized, now it is time to drill those holes ready to attach the guitar hanger onto the wall.

As much as we can tell you how to do it, it is actually best to refer to the instructions on the guitar hanger packet. There are so many different ones to choose from, so we can not say a particular method.

Whilst doing this job however, make sure to wear appropriate protective gear such as for your eyes. Also, it can be tricky to drill through a concrete wall, so do your research first.

Placing The Guitar Hanger

Now you have the foundations ready, you can secure the guitar hanger into place along with the screws. If you want, you could also add in wall anchors to make sure the screws are fully tightened for extra security so they will not fall out of the wall, but this is optional and not a necessary step.

And that is it, the hanger is now safely placed on the wall ready to hold the guitar. Just remember to check on it often to make sure that the hanger is maintaining its job of holding the guitar in place. Also, make sure the hanger has a secure grip on the guitar in the first place.

Are There Other Ways To Hang A Guitar?

There sure is. If you do not want to have your guitar hanging straight down because you think it looks boring, you can also have it on its side. You can even hang it horizontally which gives it a unique look within a room.

If you hang it either of these ways, it will actually relieve the stress from that sensitive upper neck area of the guitar that many people worry about. It does this by distributing the weight evenly due to the way it is positioned on the wall.

When it comes to horizontal wall hangers there are a few to choose from, so it is easy to become distracted by different brands that ultimately do the same thing.

To install a horizontal wall hanger the same instructions apply, however, the measuring out will need to be done a lot more specifically due to having more than one hanger to screw into the wall.

So that means you will need to do that same measurement a few times over, but also check with your guitar by holding it up to the measurements to make sure it all fits correctly.

So, to be clear, the measurements need to be accurate in order for you to get a snug fit that keeps your guitar in place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Guitar Wall Hangers Good?

Absolutely they are. Whether you want one as a temporary solution or something long-term, fixing a guitar to your wall not only looks good, but is convenient. It is secure but also keeps them out of the way of the floor. This means they are not a trip hazard as well.

Can You Hang A Guitar On Drywall?

You can, but you will need to take extra precautions. You will need to install suitable drywall anchors which will provide the much needed support for the weight of the guitar.

Is It Bad To Leave Your Guitar Uncovered?

Unless you have it in a really humid place, or have pets and children that may knock it or drop things on it, then it is absolutely fine to leave your guitar out of the case.

How Much Does A Guitar Hanger Hold?

The limit is around 50 lbs, but it will likely vary between different makes of guitar hanger, so always read the label on the one you have purchased.

Last Words

Whether you want to hang a guitar up due to its aesthetic appeal or for safety concerns, putting it on your wall is always a great choice. The options on where to put it and how to display the guitar are endless, and the result is a stylish wall with a guitar or two upon it.

It could be in your living room or the music room – it really does not matter. Having that guitar to hand so you can jam with it whenever will never get tiresome.

If you are planning to hang your guitar on the wall, then there are a few factors to consider in order to keep it in good shape.

From how well you have put the guitar hanger up on the wall and how you place the guitar upon it, to even what the temperature is in the room – all these factors will determine how well your guitar stays in good working order.

It is absolutely fine to do so, but just remember that if you choose to display it, it is because you will be picking it up frequently to play. If you are not likely to do so, it will be best just to store it within its hard case.

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